If the saying that a picture tells a thousand words is true, then a video must tell a tale of epic proportions. Therefore, we have developed a number of videos to give you further insight into our product offering.

Please select from the videos below and feel free to contact us should you require any further information.

The Nolan Group is a newly formed partnership between Nolan.UDA and Radins Australia. The partnership is based on significant synergies between two established Australian companies with over two hundred years of combined industry experience. Both companies are renowned for their technical knowledge and experience in the field of Commercial and Industrial Textiles. The combined entity the Nolan Group provide enhanced service and a comprehensive product offering that is sourced from world leading manufacturers both within Australia and abroad.

Nolan Group Portrait v3Introducing the Nolan Group

Nolan Carpets FINALFlooring




Nolan Collection FINAL Commercial Upholstery




Cordova FINALUpholstery Fabric: Product Demonstration



PolyPlan-FINALArchitectural Fabrics



Protex FINALIndustrial Fabrics




NolanUDA-NolanGroup_Logo-M&A amendedMarine Fabrics




All Seasons Colelction LogoOutdoor Blind Collection