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July 2017

Canberra Airport International Lounge

This project is a fine example of how Nolan Carpets can provide a tailored solution to meet your client’s individual requirements. The project brief outlined the environment needed to provide a plush finish durable enough to perform in a high traffic area.


To provide both the comfort and durability required for a luxury airport lounge, a customised carpet tile was developed to ensure the client’s requirements were satisfied.

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June 2017

Australian made: Two Simple, Yet Powerful Words

It’s amazing how much influence two simple words can have within a market. ‘Australian made’ is a powerful asset that can evoke sentiments of quality, reliability and national prosperity. It’s arguable that consumer mentality is drawn towards Australian production. In fact according to Roy Morgan Research, 88.5% of Australians aged 14 and over are more likely to purchase products that have been made in Australia.

At the Nolan Group we are a firm believer in Australian made quality and do our best to support local industry whenever we can. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to showcase an organisation that embodies the values that are associated with Australian made.

Wax Converters Textiles (WCT) is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers in premium industrial and outdoor textiles. Based in the Hunter Valley, WCT cater to the needs to a wide variety of customers with products such as camping and industrial canvas, Defence fabrics, PVC for truck tarps, banners, and marine, automotive and general purpose applications.

June 2017

Let the weather work for you

Weather can be a major hindrance to profitability; especially in the hospitality industry. Whilst rain can really dampen patronage numbers, you can now use the weather to your advantage.

Orchestra MAX is part of the Dickson range of awning fabrics. It features an innovative treatment, where rainwater can assist with the cleaning process. See video below for more details.

Orchestra Max differs from the standard range on account of its transparent and impervious coating on the underside side, which provides outstanding water resistance. Ideal for fixed and permanent installations located outdoors (awnings, pergolas, etc.), Orchestra MAX guarantees long-term colour fastness and excellent protection against both UV rays and inclement weather, coupled with easy maintenance.

Limited colours apply, however full range coming soon. Be sure to watch this space.

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May 2017

Cordova: Helping your clients meet food industry standards

When it comes to food service, high standards are obviously paramount. According to the Australian & New Zealand Food Authority ‘a food business must maintain all fixtures, fittings and equipment, having regard to its use’ (2012, Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code).

Click here to view the Legislation

You can demonstrate to your hospitality clients that you can assist them in a highly competitive industry by helping them meet industry standards whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing environment.

 Cordova Ultra can be used to provide a stylish and easy-to-clean surface that is ideal for hospitality. This iconic brand is protected by the innovative Silverguard antimicrobial system and Permashield Plus anti-graffiti finish and will breathe fresh air into any application.


View full Cordova Details

May 2017

Poor quality Hardware has industry ‘bursting at the seams’

It’s arguable that the inundation of poor quality hardware has the industrial fabric market literally ‘bursting at the seams’. It is now more important than ever to use good quality hardware and accessories, in partnership with high-performance textiles to ensure your application maintains its integrity.

ProTEX Kedar

ProTEX Kedar is a premium tape and spline system used for attaching textiles into sail track.
It is manufactured with a high tenacity PVC coated woven polyester yarn which is finished with an acrylic lacquer to protect the surface from mildew and soiling.

Click here for more ProTEX Kedar product details


We also have a comprehensive range of hardware to assist you with whatever your project requires.

Click here for more Hardware & Accessory product details


May 2017

Project Snapshot: St Mary’s Cathedral College, Sydney

Like all education environments, the project brief stipulated a flooring solution to help produce not only a durable and comfortable learning environment, but also one that helps inspire and stimulate creativity.

Click here for full project details.

March 2017

Two of the best mesh together

The Nolan Group are fortunate to have two market leading product ranges that compliment each other with their own unique strengths and attributes.


Horizon_logo Vistaweave-jpeg

new vista v2Vistweave has been a trusted and proven performer for over thirty years. It offers a traditional selection of plains and stripe designs making it ideal for any residential or commercial installation.





Horizon_95-7Horizon is a contemporary collection that has been developed in collaboration with Colorbond®. The palette coordinates with any exterior to create a seamless finish and is a perfect match for the industry leading Ziprak® track-guided blind system.







Both mesh ranges are designed for Australian conditions and will create privacy from the outside without compromising the visual aspect.


Click  here to view product details


March 2017

Introducing Comshade Xtra®

Polyfab FINALFor many years, Polyfab™ has been a trusted brand in terms of protecting Australians from the country’s harsh conditions. The Comshade range of shadecloth has been key to this success in terms of performance and protection. Together with Polyfab™, we are pleased to present the next generation in shadecloth innovation… Comshade Xtra®.

Comshade Xtra® compliments the existing ranges of extra heavy duty knitted shadecloth ranges. This new, innovative collection has been developed using the very latest knitting and yarn technology to minimise the fabric weight, whilst maximizing the extremely high physical strength and UVR protection. A winning combination for all Australian conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Midnight-Green-comshadextraUp to 99.7% UVR coverage
  • 4 metre width
  • 40m roll
  • Available in Unfolded
  • Biaxial reports available

Comshade Xtra® has an industry leading UVR coverage factor of up to 99.7 % and excellent results across all colours.

This exciting new range is now available in all Nolan Group Branches.

Click here for product details

March 2017

Here’s to a colourful 2017

When one say’s it has been a ‘colourful’ year, it often has negative connotations. However, at Nolan Carpets, we believe colour is an essential element to wellbeing and that it should be implicated with uplifting and jovial undertones.

Therefore we would like to welcome you back for 2017 with colour and vibrance thanks to the introduction of some exciting new ranges.


The concept of patchwork design provides a random and unique ‘one-off’ pattern. There are synergies with this style and modern companies where many departments and teams combine to reach business objectives.

Mayorica from TOLI was inspired to provide a flooring solution that can tell its own story in so many ways to reflect uniqueness, inspiration, collaboration, risk taking and much more. The design is made up of 40 unique tiles to provide the total effect. The tiles are randomly packed offering uniqueness to each installation.



Nature has always been a source of inspiration for creativity. The extraordinary textures and colours of the outdoors can help create remarkable designs.

The combined inspiration drawn from trees and earthly tones, have created this practical and subtle new range that is the perfect option for offices, break out areas, retail and general commercial spaces.



Earthly tones are ‘on trend’ at the moment for floorcoverings and help to bring entire spaces together. Etrico, with its earthly tones and stylish woven design, will compliment and complete spaces where natural finishes have been incorporated.



October 2016

Nolan Carpets: Create a talking point without talking

The art of non-verbal communication is an important component in day-to-day business. The use of body language (kinesics), distance (proxemics) and touch (haptics) are often important components in terms of getting the right message across. Environment is another important factor to non-verbal communication. The office design is a key way to help stimulate the tone of conversation. Design features such as lighting, furniture and even flooring can help promote vibrant and productive conversation.

The DKG Financial Building located in Bendigo has utilised the Drawline Range from Nolan Carpets to help create a talking point. The graffiti pattern helps bring character to a conventional building.


Nolan UDA Bendigo_DKG Financial (1 of 6)

Nolan UDA Bendigo_DKG Financial (4 of 6) Nolan UDA Bendigo_DKG Financial (1 of 1)

Whilst creating inspiring and productive communication within the office environment is important, commercial designs should also consider areas that encourage relaxation and social engagement. A prime example of this is seen in the new layout of the Melbourne Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre. The project brief required a distinctive space where people could sit and recharge the batteries. The wide choice of bright colours available in the Nolan Carpets Katto range helped bring new life to the area.

Nolan UDA Melbourne_BOM (8 of 9)

Nolan UDA Melbourne_BOM (7 of 9) Nolan UDA Melbourne_BOM (9 of 9)




October 2016

New additions to the SILVERTEX™ commercial upholstery

SILVERTEX™, as part of the Spradling range of commercial upholstery, brings the style and feel of a quality woven fabric together with the durability of a coated vinyl. This combination is ideal for high-traffic environments where resilience and elegance are paramount. We are pleased to announce that Silvertex has recently been included to the Nolan Collection stocking program. All SILVERTEX™ colours are now available, ready for immediate delivery.

In addition to the original contemporary colour range, 12 new colours have been introduced to ensure there is a suitable colour for any project. SILVERTEX™ also includes the Silverguard® antimicrobial system and the Permablock® advanced vinyl protection system.

View the entire SILVERTEX™ range in the Design Centre to get an idea of which colour would best suit your application.

July 2016

New Carpet tile ranges now available in the Design Centre

The old saying that a picture tells a thousand words still resonates to this day, especially within an industry where visual cues are paramount.

The Nolan Carpet’s Design Centre has been created to help you gauge a visualisation of how the selected carpet tile will look in your application. We’re pleased to announce that the latest ranges and colours are now available in the Design Centre.

Sokoitari Grandair

Not only can you view the entire Nolan Carpets range in an illustrated version of education and commercial environments, you can also easily print and email design options to help your clients get a better understanding of how the carpet tile will look.

dc_veniche-gx9151v_007-p dc_veniche-gx9151v_007-edc_veniche-gx9151v_007-c

Additionally to this, the Design Centre also offers the same service for a range of commercial upholstery, commercial carpet and acoustic solutions.

design centre home

Click here to view the Design Centre

June 2016

Nolan Carpets: Resurgence of Retro

Mason jars, high top sneakers and Polaroid pictures. All these items, once seen as dated, have made a comeback and are once again widely popular within modern pop culture. Altglan, presented by Nolan Carpets, is a testament to the current resurgence of retro. This unique carpet tile gives a distinctive velvet theme that will revitalise any commercial space.




Orvie: The road to style and functionality

The old saying ‘all roads lead to Rome’ is an iconic expression that explains that activities and efforts are all directed to the one objective. This is relevant for any business as all undertakings, even the office fit-out, are completed with the intention of presenting the best impression. Nolan Carpets help you continue down this path with the Orvie carpet tile range. Inspired by the European cobblestone streets, Orive is a unique pattern that embraces history. If your interior theme is the character of handmade designs, Orvie is the perfect statement for any commercial interior.

74_GX8301 gallery


May 2016

Quietspace Acoustic Solutions: Sound guidance for mental well-being

Sound has been proven to sub-consciously impact general mood and mental well-being without us even realising it. Acoustic well-being is also influenced by surrounding interference. Communication is based upon the transmission, receiving and interpretation of a frequency that occurs when we speak, however interpretation is largely dependent on the surrounding environment.



The Quietspace® range provides a comprehensive and stylish selection of acoustic solutions to create a more comfortable environment. Options include; decorative wall coverings, high specification acoustic panels and workstation systems.

Quietspace® Acoustic Panel

Image04 v3Quietspace® Acoustic Panel is a light weight acoustic panel that delivers exceptional reverberated noise control by reducing echoing. The Acoustic Fabric absorbs up to 40% of all sounds.


Quietspace® 3D Tiles

Copsey-Place_meeting-room_S-5.26 v2This latest acoustic innovation provides both style and functionality to any environment. It brings the fusion of shape and form coupled with excellent acoustic performance.



Quietspace® Lattice

Lattice_Trapezium v2These suspended acoustic absorbing baffles are constructed from Autex Cube and bring both style and acoustic benefits to any environment. Available in three unique design options.




Click here to learn more about Quietspace® Acoustic Solutions


April 2016

STA launch Marine Fabricators eNewsletter

The Specialised Textile Association last week launched its new eNewsletter for Australian marine/motor fabricators. We’re very excited to be part of this association that brings the industry together to discuss the latest trends and ideas.

Click on the link here to view the first edition.

April 2016

The Nolan Group: Together for SuperExpo 2016

Nolan Group landscape v2 - Copy

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Nolan.UDA and Radins will be taking part in SuperExpo 2016 as part of The Nolan Group. Presented by the Blind Manufacturers’ Association of Australia (BMAA) and the Specialised Textiles Association (STA), SuperExpo is Australia’s largest trade exhibition for the window furnishings and specialised textiles industries.

PrintWhen: June 8 – 10, 2016
Where: Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
Trade stand number: L199





On display will be a comprehensive range of high quality textiles for a variety of industries including Blinds & Awnings, Industrial Fabric and Marine. Some of our market leading brands include;

SuperExpo brands v2


The 2013 SuperExpo was an astounding success and we believe this one will be even bigger and better. We look forward to seeing you there.


April 2016

Nolan Carpets Product Profile: Veniche/Mortarclay

Veniche Carpet Tile: Bringing comfort to aged timber

VenicheWhen it comes to contemporary design, a building’s original fittings are often utilised, especially in commercial and hospitality environments. Whilst the aged timber and exposed brick styles can provide interesting options, they have limitations in terms of functionality. Veniche from the TOLI carpet collection is the ideal flooring application that compliments this contemporary styling. Veniche is inspired by distressed timber and brings the warmth and acoustic benefits of carpet.

Click here for Venchie Details

Venchie v2


Mortarclay: Complimentary to concrete

As previously mentioned, both aged structures and minimalist spaces are focal points for contemporary inspiration but have limitations in terms in of functionality. Like Veniche, Mortarclay is inspired by this particular style, only this carpet tile range embraces the aging process of concrete. Available in four unique colours, Mortarclay compliments the hard surfaces often associated with a minimalist design.

18_GX3701_3702 web gallery


Click here for Mortarclay details

These carpet tiles are just a snapshot of what’s available. The Nolan Carpets range provides a comprehensive selection that has evolved through decades of development and innovation. Visit the Nolan Carpets site and put your imagination to work.

Click here for more details


March 2016

Ingredients to Healthy Learning

We’re excited to have had the opportunity to put together an article together for ‘TOPICS’ magazine. This publication is put together by the Australian Catholic Primary Principal’s Association and provides an insight into Australian education. Our article discusses some of the design and structural issues associated with creating a healthy learning environment.

Click here to read the full article.

The Ponds Room MailchimpSt Ives Wide 2 Mailchimp

March 2016

Nolan Carpets Product Profile: Katto

For the next few months we will be presenting a number of unique items from the TOLI Carpet Tile Collection. To kick things off we will be focusing on the Katto range, a versatile carpet tile collection presented by Nolan Carpets.

Katto is the Japanese term for ‘cut’ which is appropriate for this family of products as it offers sharp and professional design options in a cut pile finish. Katto is available in a variety of colours and finishes, which can be used to compliment or as an alternative to the standard Katto collection.

GX 200 B v243_GX2004_2009_2010_2018_2023_2032 - Copy



photo_MT29901F - Copy

Katto Emboss is a unique product option where a pattern can be applied to the standard Katto range using heat embossing technology. The end result is a stunning finish that can be used in either combination with other Katto products or entirely by itself as a design statement.




photo_MT29513F - Copy


Katto also has the option of stainless steel metal inserts. Choose from a range of insert options which are unique to the industry and allows further design flair.

GX 200 Metal v2


katto metal-01


Click here to view the entire Katto range

March 2016

Specialised Textile Association Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that we have attained business accreditation with the Specialised Textiles Association (STA). This program assists in helping to define industry standards, encourage constant improvement to products and practices as well as gives the market confidence in the products and services they purchase from accredited members.



Feel free to contact us for more information.


February 2016

Introducing the updated 2016 Carpet Tile range

In 2013, Nolan Carpets partnered with the Japanese manufacturer TOLI to present a comprehensive range of carpet tiles that has brought style and functionality to our valued clients around Australia. Now we are excited to announce the latest updates which includes a staggering 22 new ranges, along with the old favourites.

View the video below for a snapshot of what’s on offer.


Visit the carpet tiles page for comprehensive product details.

February 2016

New Wider Ziptrak® in 2016

Following comprehensive market research and customer feedback, Nolan.UDA and Ziptrak® are proud to announce Wider Ziptrak® Blinds in 2016. After extensive research and development, consumers now have the option to enjoy a reliable and robust solution for covering wider openings. You can also enjoy peace of mind that it has been engineered by the team that brought you Australia’s leading track-guided blind system. Benefits include;

• Robust and reliable
• Cover a wider span without the need for removable post
• Satisfy your customers’ requirements and win more jobs
• Minimal change to any components
• Stronger components allow you to achieve a flat finish even on large blinds
• Compatible with the Ziptrak® Centre-Lock-Release
• Excellent value for money

Ziptrak 1

Contact us for more details.

Ziptrak 2

There are important Fabrication and Installation changes related to:

  • Top tube, spring and pelmet selection dependent upon blind size
  • Scalloping of the skin
  • Bottom Bar weight
  • Face-fixed installations

Please Visit the Ziptrak® Trade Hub for more details.

Horizon Mesh: Trusted and supporting partner of Ziptrak®

Ziptrak 3


Horizon is a versatile woven mesh designed for blinds, awnings, general outdoor applications and compliments the Ziptrak® system perfectly.

Click here to find more about how Horizon is a proven and trusted partner to the Ziptrak® brand.


January 2016

Project Spotlight: Back to School with Autex Carpet

With students around Australia heading back to school this week, we would like to take this opportunity to focus this project spotlight on some schools from around the country. Whilst most project spotlights are based on recently installed jobs, the purpose of this editorial is to demonstrate the longevity of the Autex Commercial Carpet ranges.

Covenant Christian School, Belrose
Installation date: 2010

As with all outdoor education areas, high-thoroughfare and extreme weather are important considerations. Therefore, the project brief required the carpet to be high quality, durable, enhance safety as well as being aesthetically pleasing. It was determined that Reef, from the Autex Commercial Carpet range, was the ideal choice. Now, six years on since installation, the carpet has stood up to the high usage as well as the harsh Australian elements and continues to perform like when it was newly installed.

Belrose Closeup mailchimp

Belrose Long Wide mailchimp Belrose Ramp mailchimp


St Ives Primary
Installation date: 2009

The brief stated the carpet was required for the main playground which meant the area had to be accessible for students all year round. Multisport was the ideal solution as it provided the durability, comfort and UV performance required for such an environment. Its non-woven surface means it will stand up to rigorous wear, with no zippering or fraying. Multisport not only enriches the aesthetics when compared with concrete, it enhances the practicality of the space by being cooler to sit on in the summer and warmer in the winter.


St Ives Wide 1 Mailchimp

St Ives Wide 2 Mailchimp


The Ponds School
Installation date: 2014

Like most education projects, the brief often involves the challenge of providing a flooring solution that’s durable, but also brings character and practicality to the environment. Avondale, from the Autex commercial range, is one of the most adaptable carpets available. Its durable, fine ribbed finish is complimented by a contemporary colour offering that met all the project requirements. Avondale’s easy care and maintenance, durability, ability to get wet and UV performance made it an ideal product for the school’s multi-purpose learning space.


The Ponds Room Mailchimp

The Ponds Mid Mailchimp The Ponds Long Mailchimp



January 2016

Presenting the latest range of marine fasteners

We hope you had a relaxing break and we look forward to working with you this year. To kick things off we would like to introduce the latest range of innovative marine fasteners.

Perfix: Safe and secure fastener without protruding parts

PERFIX® is an invention born out of pure frustration over protruding pins of current secure fasteners, causing uncomfortable and even dangerous situations. This particular fastener has a spring-loaded release system which includes a special grip design for easy release.

Perfix grijs-blauw aangepast web product snapsot


Click here to find out more

QSNAP:  safe and secure press fastener with stretch-function

Presenting the Q-SNAP fastener, the perfect fastening system for when marine applications require a tight and secure fit. The Q-SNAP works just like a regular press-fastener but with an additional ring underneath the cloth and a gentle hook on the deck. This system incorporates a stretch-function (lever) and keeps the connection securely in place which will ensure the fastener won’t pop loose.

Q-hand_LR product snapshot


Click here to find out more

Both PERFIX® and Q-SNAP are the ideal supporting partners to high quality marine fabrics like Sunbrella, Riviera and Surlast. These products have been proven countless times making them the ideal option for the harsh Australian elements.

Click here for our full range of marine products

December 2015

Christmas Closings date

From all the team, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you have a happy & safe holiday with friends and family.

Please note the following dates regarding our warehouse closures:

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney branches from;

2pm Wednesday December 23, 2015 to 8am Monday January 4, 2016

Darwin and Newcastle branches from;

4pm Friday December 18, 2015 to 8am Monday January 4, 2016

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout the year. Your business has been greatly appreciated and we look forward to doing it all again in 2016!

December 2015

Customer Spotlight: Bellfort Commercial Interior Design

Since 2004 Bellfort has been providing their clients with stylish and innovative commercial solutions that are tailored to their individual needs. The premise of each job is based on value for money through innovative solutions as well as personal and responsive customer service. We are proud to provide you with a selection of Bellfort projects where they have partnered with Nolan Carpets.

Catholic Homes Project

The brief for this project was simple. To create a calming and effective workplace environment that demonstrates the client’s liveliness and professionalism. The brief included providing over 1000sqm of flooring that fully utilised the existing space and complimented the surrounding accessories.

_O5A5838 v2

Click here for full story…

62 Colin Street, West Perth

As with all businesses, one of the keys to success is presenting the right image. Something as simple as the flooring of a meeting room can communicate to potential clients themes of professionalism, creativity and innovation.

VIV6544 v2

Click here for the full story…

QCI Bookkeeping

Project Brief

A fresh and lively interior that embodies the clients zest for a healthy lifestyle that continues into their work environment.

Project Solution

Article courtesy of Bellfort Services:

‘It was a big decision for QCI Bookkeeping to grow from their existing office setup, purchase a newly built 78sqm tenancy and fit it out.

2015-03-17 14.26.42 Low res

Click here for the full story…

For more information on Bellfort and the Nolan Carpets Collection, please visit

September 2015

Ideal solutions for education applications

Education project briefs often involve challenging specifications in terms of providing a stylish and comfortable flooring application that is functional and hardwearing.

The Nolan Carpet Collection presents SilkyLine; a carpet tile range that has been successfully installed in countless school classrooms and common areas. SilkyLine is a nylon carpet tile that combines performance with style. It features a multi-level loop finish and a contemporary colour range that will help create a modern, practical and inspiring educational environment. The entire Nolan Carpet Tile Collection has been tested under the Carpet Institute of Australia’s Classification Scheme (ACS) and achieved the highest grading of Commercial Extra Heavy Duty (including stairs). The collection also achieves environmental certification to help ensure a brighter future for students.

For more product information, please contact us at

July 2015

SpecTex15 – Done and Dusted!

We are pleased to announce another successful exhibition at SpexTex15. Distributors and suppliers from around the country congregated in Melbourne over the weekend to find out what’s new in the industry.
Spectex15 was the ideal platform to officially launch the new PolyPlan range of architectural fabrics as well as the All Seasons Collection for outdoor blinds. Click here for further information regarding these products.

IMG_0774 v2

The exhibition provided an excellent atmosphere and allowed us to meet some new faces as well as continue to foster the loyal and long-standing relationships we have with our existing customers. Various speakers presented their valuable tips and tricks to those at the show on how to succeed in the industry. Our own Managing Director, Chris Nolan, presented to his ardent audience information on the pros and cons of mesh & clear PVC, providing those in the industry with an even greater awareness on how to inform customers of their product. Other presentations, including Human Resources Myth busters, and the potential of B2B marketing through social media, proved to be valuable to our company in further promoting our products to the public.

All in all, the weekend was a major success, as not only were we able to promote our new product offering, but we continued to nurture the ever so important relationships with our customers and suppliers. After all, that is what this industry is all about.

June 2015

Nolan.UDA, proud sponsors of Spectex 15

This year we are proud to partner with the Specialised Textiles Association to bring you the trade Exhibition and Conference, known as SpecTex15. As a silver sponsor, we’re excited to officially launch several new products including the All Seasons Collection for outdoor blinds and the Polyplan range of architectural fabrics. Details for SpecTex15 include;

STA Conference 2015-Nolan.UDA







Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

When: Saturday 27 June to Monday 29 June 2015 (exhibition between Sunday 28 June and Monday 29, 2015)

Booth number: 78-80

We’re pleased to announce that Spextext 15 coincides as part of the launch of the Polyplan range architectural fabrics. Polyplan provides protection and flexibility for outdoor applications and in some cases, form an integral part of the building structure. Ployplan is a PVC based membrane fabric suitable for a number of outdoor structures such as roofs, awnings and facades.


The All Seasons Collection offers stylish outdoor blinds and awnings solutions that are designed to withstand the harsh Australian elements. The collection includes the Colorbond® matched Horizon mesh fabric and the industry renowned brand of Clear PVC. These products are complimented with the robust and functional Ziptrak® track guided blind system.


We’re excited to showcase our latest ranges along with our original, market leading product collection. We look forward to seeing you there and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

June 2015

Proud supporter of Furnitex

This year, Nolan.UDA is proud to be taking part in Furnitex, one of Australia’s most renowned furniture exhibitions. Presented by the Australian Furniture Association, Furnitex will showcase Australia’s emerging designers as part of the ‘looking to the future’ campaign. Details include;


Web Banner v2 450x200









FURNITEX connect

July 9 – 12, 2015

Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne Vic

Opening Times

Thursday to Sunday: 10am – 4.30pm


We are delighted to be showcasing our comprehensive range of commercial upholstery fabrics. The Nolan Collection combines comfort and elegance with a robust finish capable of withstanding the abuse of the harshest commercial environment. Products on display will include the iconic Cordova range, the revolutionary Dolce fabrics and the versatile Sunbrella Furnishing Fabrics Collection.


Visit for more details.

April 2015

Autex Quietspace: Every Colour tells a story

Just like a picture tells a thousand words, colour plays an important part in influencing the senses. Colour is an integral element to the aesthetics for commercial applications as it provides opportunity to provoke discussion, thought and emotion. The new colour range available for the Autex Cube range has been inspired by some of the world’s most iconic architecture and will be sure to spark discussion for your commercial applications.

There are 12 colours in total that have been inspired by structures around the world that are considered iconic in terms of aesthetics. Examples include;

EDM QS colour table
























Click here for full details about all the colour stories.

March 2015

Nolan Carpets gives Adelaide Oval a Makeover

Project Brief (summary)

A stylish and adaptable flooring solution that’s easy to maintain and resistant to food & drink stains, mud, sweat and blood.

Project Solution

Autex Avondale

Whilst often known as the city of churches, Adelaide is also renowned as the as one of Australia’s most iconic places to watch cricket. The history surrounding the Adelaide Oval is both fascinating and intrinsic with the beautiful city. As you can imagine, the brief relating to the recent upgrades were challenging in terms of accommodating an increase in patronage as well as aligning with the oval’s original aesthetics.

The brief included 2,800sqm of commercial flooring which was required to be durable enough to withstand the thoroughfare of thousands of fans and the mess that is part and parcel with a crowd. Additionally to this, the brief stated that the carpet would also to be used in the players’ changing rooms, which means it would have to be immune to mud, sweat and even blood. As TV cameras would frequently film the room, the carpet had to look smart and be easy to maintain.

_89W1861 Project library v2The solution came from the Autex range of commercial carpets. Autex provides a simple, yet elegant look with a resilient carpet range that has a history of proven performance. Autex can handle the wear and tear of a major sporting event, whilst ensuring the Adelaide Oval will continue to looks its best.

The Adelaide Oval is one of the many venues that have been enhanced with the Autex carpet range. Nolan.UDA is proud to have supplied Autex carpet to almost all major sporting stadiums across Australia. Please contact us if you have a similar project that requires a solution.

November 2014

Christmas Closure Dates

It’s getting close to that time of year again and we wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of our closure dates for each of our branches.

  • The closure dates for the Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney branches are:
  • 2pm on Tuesday 23rd December, 2014 to 8am on Monday 5th January, 2015
  • The closure dates for the Darwin and Newcastle branches are:
  • 2pm on Friday 19th December, 2014 to 8am on Monday 5th January, 2015

On behalf on everyone at Nolan.UDA we would like to wish you a happy and safe Christmas and we look forward to working with you in the New Year

November 2014

Introducing the All Seasons Outdoor Blind Collection

All-Seasons-Collection-Logo-RBG_LARGESummer has always been considered a time of joy and rejuvenation, a time where people once again connect with the outdoors.

As part of our constant endeavour to bring style and comfort to outdoor living, we’re excited to announce the launch of the new All Seasons Collection. This innovative range includes the Horizon Outdoor Mesh which has been exclusively matched with the Colorbond range.



Horizon_95-3 product page Horizon_95-Product page








Horizon mesh combines a functional solution for solar protection with a stylish textured appearance. Available in two qualities Horizon 95 is an ideal balance between protection and visual aspect, while Horizon 99 is perfect when additional privacy and shelter from the elements is needed. Both Horizon 95 and 99 offer colour options that have been directly inspired by the Colorbond range. The palette coordinates with any exterior to create a seamlessly matching finish.


The All Seasons Collection provides all the essential ingredients for outdoor enjoyment. The collection also includes the industry renowned Ziptrak guided blind system as well as Achilles who are the market leaders in clear PVC.

October 2014

Introducing the Design Centre

Here at Nolan.UDA, our mantra is ‘your textile partner for success’ and this is something that we take very seriously. We are constantly looking to develop simple and convenient ways to ensure you find the appropriate solution.

This is why we’re proud to announce the launch of our new Design Centre, a simple illustration based platform to help simulate how our commercial ranges will bring your inspiration to life. 

Products and Environments

The Design Centre allows you to view your concept when using our Commercial Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Acoustic Solutions and Commercial Upholstery ranges. You are able to choose between various ranges and colours across a number of environments like commercial, education, public spaces, healthcare and hospitality.

Click here to visit the Design Centre.

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October 2014

Nolan.UDA brings Silver Lining to Industrial Fabrics Exhibition

For some reason there seems to be a negative implication often associated with Silver. Some may  say that no one remembers the Silver Medal winner, however we respectfully disagree.

In our humble opinion we still think that it is silver a great effort which is why we are proud to announce that Nolan.UDA is a Silver sponsor for the Specialised Textiles Association’s (STA) 2015 Trade Exhibition and Conference, known as SpecTex15. This expo will bring together the industrial textile sector to discuss the latest developments and market trends. SpecTex15 will focus on delivering educational programs and high profile speakers along with the traditional and innovative trade displays.






Duration: 27-29 June, 2015

Location: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne

Nolan.UDA will have a booth present throughout the exhibition, so feel free to stop by and say hello.

August 2014

TOLI Carpet Tiles 2.0

The Nolan Carpet Tile Collection by TOLI has raised the bar once again with the introduction of several new innovative ranges. When it comes to creativity and innovation, TOLI continue to lead the way in commercial carpet tiles. Whether your vision includes a colour spectacle or simplistic elegance, our objective is to provide you with endless possibilities, only limited by your imagination.

New TOLI carpet tile range











Leave your own mark with the distinctive Drawline ‘sketch pattern’ range, or perhaps the classic Resonance plank which creates a ‘timber look’ floor with the warmth and benefits of carpet. A contemporary selection of patterns is now available for the popular Katto range. Katto Emboss gives you the opportunity to customise your design by using heat embossing technology.

These are simply a few additions to the most inspiring and versatile carpet tile range available in Australia.

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June 2014

Polyfab shadecloth approved by Melanoma International Foundation

Australia has one of the world’s highest rates of skin cancer. In NSW alone, almost 3,600 people are diagnosed with Melanoma every year. Exposure to Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR) from the sun is the major cause of skin cancer.[i]

High quality shade structures in conjunction with other protective measures are an effective way to reduce UVR exposure and are essential for vulnerable environments such as schools and playgrounds.

Polyfab Commercial Shadecloth is designed for high tensioned shade sails & structures and offers industry leading UVR protection.[ii]

Polyfab MIF

Polyfab is also proud to announce that it has been awarded the seal of approval by the Melanoma International Foundation (MIF).  The seal is awarded to products that assist with community protection against Melanoma and promote safe sun behaviour.

Providing adequate shade for the community is an important health and safety concern and Polyfab are proud to partner with MIF to promote safe sun behaviour, including the benefits of shade sails and shade structures.

Visit our fabric structures directory for more information.

[i] Cancer Council NSW. 2013, Guideline to Shade, Cancer Council NSW, Sydney

[ii] Applies to Polyfab Architec 400. Level of UVR protection dependent on colour selection.

June 2014

Mandate for Mesh

The blinds and awning industry is currently experiencing a growth in demand for woven mesh, particularly in the domestic market.

Our own National Marketing Manager, Scott Gilbertson spoke with Window Furnishings Australia about his thoughts on the growing trend in this sector. Read the full article here.

WFM cover v2

Nolan.UDA offer a comprehensive range for outdoor blind solutions like Horizon woven mesh, Achilles clear PVC from Japan, and the renowned Ziptrak blind rail system. Further details on all these products are available in our blinds and awnings industry catalogue. Click here for more details.

March 2014

Hit a home run with Protex

Last week two of America’s biggest major league baseball teams visited our shores and put on an unforgettable show. Those lucky enough to the see the Arizona Diamondbacks and the L.A Dodgers in action, witnessed high quality entertainment by some of the world’s best athletes.

baseball-image-retouch-01 v2

To support this historic event, the organisers set up a promotional display in Sydney’s popular Darling Harbour precinct. Proudly floating were three metre diameter base balls made from Protex reinforced PVC. It’s no coincidence that powerful brands align when performance is paramount.

Exceptional performance would not be possible without meticulous preparation and attention to detail. Quality and consistency are the core features of the comprehensive Protex reinforced PVC range. Engineered specifically for Australian conditions, the Protex range has a proven history of performance. To maintain consistency, Nolan.UDA employs a full time industrial chemist dedicated to the quality control of all product development and production.

Join the Protex winning team for peace of mind.

January 2014

Introducing the best kept secret in flooring

While Toli are renowned worldwide as creators of truly inspiring flooring solutions, they have remained an undiscovered gem within the Australian market. But now the secret’s out and Nolan Carpets are proud to present their exciting new carpet tile range. Inspired by the world’s leading designers, this collection will ensure your commercial interiors are practical, stylish and innovative.

GX 9800 Newchroma A v2

Our objective is to provide you with the resources to allow your application to take on its own character. Whether it’s a bold, colour spectacle (Newchroma), a subtle point of difference (Katto Metal) or just simplistic elegance (Caribbean), we’ll ensure the end result compliments what you originally envisaged.

Explore endless creative possibilities where the only the limits are set by your imagination.

November 2013

Autex Carpet Range: For when a sea change is needed

Underwater World is one of the leading visitor attractions on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The new Ocean tunnel holds 2.5 million litres of water and gives thousands of visitors a year an opportunity to see the unique Australian aquatic life up close.

Underwater World image v3

Needless to say that such an important tourist attraction required a carpet range that’s durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Nolan.UDA together with Master Kelwin Floors, were able to provide a tough and resilient flooring solution that will maintain its appearance within the high thoroughfare area.

One of the distinctive requirements of the job was to have the carpet partially climb the sides of the wall. The unique construction of the carpet will ensure that this customised space maintains its colour, shape and design as well as bring warmth, softness and comfort to the environment.

Contact your local Nolan.UDA branch for more details if you have a similar project that requires a solution.

October 2013

Nolan.UDA now national distributors for Autex commercial carpet

The Nolan Group have partnered with Autex Industries for over 30 years. It’s a partnership that has allowed Autex Carpets to be successfully positioned as the number one non-woven carpet in Australia.

Autex Carpets

As you may be aware, Nolan.UDA is now the exclusive Queensland distributor for Autex Carpets. This recent appointment is the final piece in the puzzle and provides the platform to solidify the Autex Carpet program on a national scale throughout Nolan.UDA.

Nolan.UDA is a diverse national supplier of commercial & industrial textiles. The backbone of this product offering includes; floorcoverings, acoustic finishes and commercial upholstery. All these products are supported with technical advice and a dedicated sales team.

We believe that this is fantastic opportunity and we look forward to working with our valued customers to enhance our position in the market together.